Want to perform at Mainly Acoustic?

If you want to perform at Mainly Acoustic, the first step is to let us know.

We are always keen to hear new performers but we normally do one concert a month so, understandably, headliner spots are often booked months in advance. Concerts are held on the second Tuesday of each month so fitting the schedule of a touring artist may not always be possible.

Having said that, we usually have 2-3 unpaid support spots per month and they can be a great way to showcase your music. We are a club and our audience is there explicitly to listen to music. They are quiet and receptive, not like the chatty, noisy, disinterested crowds you can sometimes encounter down the local pub or bar.

If we've never heard you before, we would love some links to things you may have done. Your website, music Facebook page, YouTube channel, SoundCloud and that sort of thing.

A brief bio explaining who you are and what your music is about would be great, too.

What should be in your bio?

If you're a band, we'd love to see this sort of thing. If you're a solo performer, adjust accordingly.

  • When did you form?
  • Who were the original members & what inspired you to form a band?
  • Who inspires you to do what you do?
  • Are the originals a group effort like U2, or does one person bring them ready to go - and who are the writers?
  • What do you write the songs about?
  • What aspirations do you have - if any?
  • Do you have any recordings available or are you working on one now you that hope to have out sometime soon?

You probably get the general idea.


And send us some photos. Please make sure they are high resolution (300dpi) because, if they eventually end up on our printed concert flyers and posters, we'll need that sort of resolution. 

But first and foremost, get in touch.