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Our June Concert features...   East Side Jive

East Side Jive play swing, jazz, soul, blues, jive, and pop, with songs ranging from Peggy Lee to Led Zeppelin, Nat King Cole to The Dead Kennedys, The Beatles to Ray Charles, and many more to many more.

But not as you know them. Expect Alternative Versions – it’s more fun that way!   

Fronted by Tineke Snow on vocals, flute, and percussion, with Jeremy Winter on piano and Murray Costello on bass. Tineke has sung with the Harbour City Showband, California Dreamers, Razaband and Brasso & Friends. Jeremy has mastered both the black and white keys in a variety of jazz, rock and funk bands, and Murray has twanged 4 strings for punk, pop, indie, urban folk,  Americana, Kiwiana, and country groups.

SUPPORTS SPOTS will feature...


JULY 10 - Performer Night 

1 or 2 songs any style, any genre. If you've got a new song you want to try out, or want to play your interpretation of a cover, text or call Mary 0210 2314 506