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Beth Patterson

Tues February 9th. Our opening concert for 2016 features multi-instrumentalist and sassy singer, all the way from Lafayette Louisiana, Beth Patterson. Beth’s presently down-under touring Australia and our shaky isles. She describes herself as a musical mongrel. Having started her musical career as a classical oboist, she moved on to Cajun bass and then rocked into heavy metal for a while before finding, and adopting her true instrument of choice, the bouzouki. She saw it, learnt it, loved it, and then into it, she breathed fire.

We kid you not.

Covering her own songs, along with a fistful of country/folk and anything of several other genre’s she feels the urge to offer, she has a voice that rings mountain stream clear going to true grit and downright raunchy. Beth has 7 cds to her credit and has performed in over a dozen countries playing both with bands and solo. From the club circuits of New Orleans to the folk festivals in Australia Beth Patterson, sharp as a razor blade, a woman who loves to entertain and delight audiences is charming, witty and …more than a tad unmissable.

Just some of many reviews on Beth Patterson.

“A grandmistress of the bouzouki” – Rootstown Music Belgium

“Excellent singer and instrumentalist” – Roots Magazine UK

“Patterson displays a true fierceness in her singing and continues her mastery of the bouzouki” – Dirty Linen Mag.

“she is fearless in her attack of the instrument, playing with strength, power and virtuosic mastery, Her singing too is ‘dead-on’ clear and strong” Steve Chess – Weekly Recorder