Past Events

Tuesday Feb. 13th, 2024: Raven Mavens Quartette + Supports

And we're back! Here's to another wonderful year of great music and friendship!

This is going to be a great show.

Raven Mavens Quartette

Raven Mavens started as a duo with Cindy Muggeridge, queen of the boogie and blues on piano and Marian Carter playing soulful clarinet, these two fun-loving, versatile performers brought sweet harmony and a sassy, happy-go-lucky slant to their music.

The duo became a trio when they added Anje Glindemann on drums.  Anje has the philosophy of playing the ‘song' and not the ‘drums’ (while actually playing the drums) sometimes light, sometimes rocking, but always with a solid feel. 

The trio became the 'Quartette' with the addition of versatile virtuoso, Kate Marshall on accordion, flute, violin and vocals. Kate started her musical life as a classically trained pianist, but had a tendency to improvise the ends of Mozart sonatas. It was decided that she should find some music to play where that was legitimate.


Each of these women is a musician worth hearing in her own right, playing and singing in other lineups, but when they get together there's a unique and beautiful synergy. Expect this talented combination to dish up a variety of music and styles, from great divas like Bessie Smith and Nina Simone, to their own, original songs. The mood will range from sensitive to burlesque, with a bit of storytelling and hilarity on the side.

Check them out here:


Sue Rose [vocals], Murray Kilpatrick [vocals, guitar]. Sue's soprano voice, and Murray's baritone voice and adept finger-style guitar playing [on an instrument that he made himself] interweave gently on a variety of genres such as Celtic, Kiwi Folk, Jazz/Blues, the odd Latin number and a couple of originals.

Sue & Murray have been performing together in one form or another from duo to band, for 20+ years - most recently as SAGE.
Sue is also one half the duo Simple Gifts, and Murray is the current president of Acoustic Routes, for which he was a founding member.

Musical duo sage

Connor and Margy Bliss

Connor Bliss and his mum Margy have been playing music all their lives: a great thing about musical families!! 

With Margy being in cover and tribute bands for years, touring NZ and more recently around the Wellington - @quitesomecompany,  and lower North Island with Jazz being a big influence. 

Connor, a young musician completely self taught in piano and guitar, went through St Bernard's college, encouraging him and having a huge impact on his musical career, uses a loop pedal to create a full sound. With some originals and well known covers in their locker, they often perform on stage together having ‘just a ton of fun!’

connor and margy bliss

Richard Prowse, Double Bassist

Richard likes to perform on the double bass and the violin. The double bass is tuned E A D G and the violin is tuned G D A E. So, for a double bassist to perform on the violin is easy – you just play everything back to front. Tonight Richard will play four original compositions on the double bass. Let’s hope he doesn’t play them all back to front.

Richard Prowse and double bass