Past Events

Tuesday Mar. 12th, 2024: Peter Hall & Friends + Supports

Pete started his music journey as a 10 year old in the brass band world. Discovered rock n roll at 15. Formed his first band, The Portraits in '64, becoming the Bitter End in '66, recording their first release on HMV Single Man early '67.

In the early 70s Pete teamed up with guitar player Gary McFadyen in 5th Movement, then again in Trixx a very well known classic hits band which over its 20 year timespan toured with Ray Columbus, Susanne Lynch, and Shane Hales as the B90 FM band. Pete moved to the Gold Coast 2007 joining forces with Martin Hope (ex Fourmyula) in the Chevrolets a very well known rock n roll band in Australia, which toured all over NSW and Queensland,and the cruise ships.

Gary has been working in bands and duos around Wellington with ex members of Pogal, Also with Carl Evensen and Ali Richardson (ex Fourmyula),

Chris Parry (also ex Fourmyula) and Pete hall were schoolmates from 10 year olds, always knocked around together but never appeared onstage together. Chris was the founder of Fiction Records in London, He was totally responsible for signing The Cure and The Jam to his label.

Phil Hope

Phil Hope has been providing guitar & vocals for duo The RedferNZ. Phil is also the brother of Martin Hope from the legendary Upper Hutt band The Fourmyula. You may have seen him playing and singing up a storm with Jo Sheffield as part of the duo Hope & The Hobo. He will be joining us to play covers and his own compositions.

phil hope playing acoustic guitar

Ray Mercer and Shinae Elise

Ray’s a longtime musician especially as part of the band DediKationm but he's best known in Wellington these days as a luthier. He also served as a Wellington city councillor for many years. Shinae is from Upper Hutt and is a singer songwriter with a great voice and an appealing stage presence. They have performed together for us a couple of times in recent years.

Linda Reeve

Lynda Reeve was born in Upper Hutt and although she’s lived abroad since her early 20’s she is proud of her Upper Hutt roots.

Lynda started her musical journey singing in school choirs and poly clubs and in her early teens was very active in the Country Music scene winning several awards around the country. In 1986 she was one of 5 soloists chosen from over 500 male/female vocalists to appear on NZ’s National Telequest. Lynda then joined TRIXX with Peter Hall, Gary McFadyen, and Graeme Austin. In Lynda’s words she considers this to be the highlight of her musical journey, with lots of fun and lifelong friendships made along the way.

Lynda’s signature style is singing soft and soulful acoustic ballads and folk songs, backing herself by finger picking on guitar. Lynda is really looking forward to performing in her hometown of Upper Hutt where it all began!

Visit our Facebook page to see a video of Lynda singing.