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Tuesday Nov. 14th, 2023: Biscuits And Gravy, Planet, Te Kura Moana

This month, we will try something a little different.

Our concert format is typically three short support acts in the first half of the evening and one big headliner for the 2nd half. This time around we're trialling having three equally billed acts doing a proper set. You may be familiar with a couple of this month's acts as they have performed for you before, either as a band or in an individual capacity.

Biscuits And Gravy

biscuits and gravy

Biscuits & Gravy is the dynamic musical duo of Alfred Murrle and Holly Carrington; together they channel their diverse musical backgrounds into a captivating blend of Americana. Alfred, with over 40 years of guitar experience, masterfully blends banjo and guitar with Holly's playful accordion riffs, and together they join their lyrical vocals and harmonies to create a tasty, memorable musical adventure. 

Alfred's journey spans from American Fingerstyle guitar studies at the Milwaukee Conservatory of Music, to a Brechtian theatre troupe, to the Milwaukee punk scene. In 2005, after experiencing an American folk music epiphany in Wellington, he subsequently co-founded the Bitter Brothers, a musical endeavour that continues to grow with newfound Bitter siblings. 

Holly's musical upbringing in a family of jazz and classical musicians in Los Angeles shaped her into a versatile pianist and singer. Since her move to New Zealand in 1999, she has enriched the music scene through various projects, including an acapella women's chorus, The Wendy Lu's, The Skiffy Rivets (Wellyfest guest 2019), and providing backing vocals for well-known singers like Martha Louise and Carol Bean. Most recently, she's been lending her vocals and accordion skills to her newfound Bitter Brothers. 

Biscuits & Gravy offers a delectable musical adventure that combines Alfred and Holly's diverse musical journeys into a mouthwatering Americana experience that's as rich as its name suggests.

Te Kura Moana

Wainuiomata singer/songwriter Araiyah Te Uawiri's inspiration comes from her life lessons: parents, children, moko, siblings, whanau, friends and many music icons.

She has been performing pretty much since childhood. After moving to Wainuiomata she honed her performing skills at open mics. She had a standing ovation from the public on her first outing and experienced the bigger and wider stage and camera on the set of "5 Minutes of Fame" on Maori Television in 2022.

Te Kura Moana singer with acoustic guitar

Doing acoustic jams in the Hutt and Wellington regions she was honoured to be an opening act for “Tomorrow People”. She is also part of a 3 piece Bluegrass Grunge Band Faultline Valley whom you have seen perform at several of our open mic concerts. She has recently joined forces with her fellow musician brothers and sister in Araiyah - The Band currently gigging in the Wellington region. They are doing their first tour in the Manawatu region and Palmerston North in December.

Araiayah's name means "soulful melody" and she is indeed blessed with a rich, soulful voice full of nuance and experience. We're sure you will enjoy seeing her.



"Bagpipes, excitement and Rock n' Roll".

Words you don't often hear in the same sentence.

Planet mixes traditional bagpipe airs with post punk riffs and a dollop of vaudevillian good humour. It could be world music, it could be underground indie rock. It could be psychedelic folk music. But it's always approachable and certainly a lot of fun.

You're probably familiar with some aspects of Planet. They have performed for us before both as a band and individually. Nigel Parry (vocals, guitar, percussion) has performed at Mainly Acoustic as a solo artist, in various folk groups, and accompanying lots of other performers. John Gray (bagpipes) is a regular on our open mic nights. Vince Cabrera (bass. baritone guitar) has performed a few sets for us as a solo bassist. He has also taken many of the concert photos on this site. Barry Carter (percussion) is a permanent fixture at Mainly Acoustic. He is our Club's sound man and has performed either alone or as part of a trio with wife Marian Price-Carter and supporting any number of other artists.

planet four piece band