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Tuesday 14 June 2022 : Andrew Kerr and Alan Norman + Supports

Support by: 

  • Mike Baines
  • Paul Magarity
  • Don & Clarinda

Andrew Kerr and Alan Norman

Andrew Kerr and Al Norman are a couple of local musicians who, over many years of playing together unofficially, have developed a fluid and instinctive sound. Based on a mutual love of acoustic original and non-mainstream sounds. A combination of folk, blues, ethnic, blues and rag-time sounds with influences from a diverse range of artists such as Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Paul Kelly etc combined with originals.

Both musicians have been involved with many recordings and have toured nationally and internationally in various guises. Irishman, Andrew Kerr has been part of NZ Music award nominees , Jacky Tar and more recently alt country outfit, Parcel of Rogues.

Al has been on the Wellington scene for a while and been part of a number of groups including Smokeshop, Warratahs, Laura Collins Band and still plays with the Rag Poets and, less regularly, The Hardcore Troubadours. He has also played a number of gigs offshore and toured NZ extensively. “I very much enjoy the cut-down sound of playing with Andy as a 2-piece and having the space to express the music we play with dynamics, space and free improvising”.



Mike Baines

A local boy best known as a mediocre golfer. Can be seen on occasions in his back garden with a bottle of wine and his Guitar, scaring birds, annoying cats and upsetting the neighbours. A simple style. Enjoys what he does and hopes you do to!

Mike Baines

Don And Clarinda

Don Franks and Clarinda Kwee play original jazzy country flavoured music using vocals and keyboards and ukulele as their main instruments.

Clarinda draws on her life experiences and emotional dramas when writing (and re writing lyrics). Her voice is smooth as silk. 
Don has a rich history in music and has been playing professionally in Wellington for the last 40 years. From university protest bands in the 70’s to the resident ‘piano man’ at El Casino’ restaurant; he’s done it all.

Their shared love of the old jazz standards have made their sound feel a bit like a hazy old summer's day while sipping a fine wine.