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Tuesday 10 May 2022: Butter Wouldn’t Melt + Supports

Nick Burfield was a guest at both the Auckland and Wellington folk festivals and when not on the stage, he can often be found sitting around a tent picking some old country or blues tune. He has always gravitated towards Blues, Country and Americana, but a stint at jazz school and a heavy interest in groups like The Band and The Grateful Dead have left their own mark on his music. He has landed somewhere in between and has returned to his acoustic roots after a brief stint in the rock band Skinnybone Tree.

Andrea Reid, daughter of folk musicians Jean Reid (The Queen of Traditional Harmonies) and Andrew Judd (NZ's Jethro Tull) was raised in west Auckland and has attended the Auckland Folk Festival since before her very first birthday. Chances are if you've wandered into a singing circle at a folk festival in New Zealand you've heard her wonderful harmonies. In 2010 she won the Martin Blackman award and since then she has been a founding member of Pocket Candy and Norwegian Blues. She has performed with Wai Tai, The Reid Holland Project, Scallywag and as a duet with Victoria Vigenser. She is one of the few performing dulcimer players in New Zealand and is also an accomplished whistle player. Though her music may have strayed from her traditional upbringing, she still brings her unique talent of harmonising that she learned at the feet of some of New Zealand's top traditional folk singers.

They will be supported by...

  • Toil and trouble
  • Kevin Meehan
  • Kaboodle