Meetings and AGMs

2022 AGM

Minutes of the Upper Hutt Mainly Acoustic Club Annual General Meeting 2022

Date : 18th July 2022

Venue: The Cossie Club. Upper Hutt.

Time: 7.30 pm



S Homer, M Khalil, D Nabbs, V Cabrera, B Carter, S Meehan, K Meehan, F. Armstrong McIntosh, G. McIntosh, L. Brown, D. Ross, R. Ross , G Summers, P, Summers, M. Baines, P. Lambert

The President Mary Khalil welcomed everybody.


G. Brown, L. Homer, B. Brown, R. Brown, B. Smith, T. Thorpe

Moved: M. Khalil

Seconded: F.Armstrong McIntosh

Carried: unanimous

Minutes of the AGM 2021

These were read by the Administrator.

  1. Paul Lambert proposed that they were a true and accurate record.
  2. Barry Carter seconded the motion.

Carried: unanimous.

Matters Arising

Ross asked about reason for Special Business title. Evidently some groups call it that and others call it General Business.

R. Ross also asked why heaters/fire were not always on at The Mayfair in the cold weather. Kevin has seen wood  outside. Evidently someone has to stay late to put the fire out. They are not happy doing that which is unfortunate for us.

President's Report

Mary Khalil read her report.

The Vice President Fiona thanked her for doing a fabulous job often made more difficult with Covid in our midst.

The report was proposed and accepted. D, Ross

Seconded: V. Cabrera


Treasurer's Report

  1. Summers presented a summary of the clubs finances.
  2. Lambert thanked her for all her hard work and for all her help with The Uke Festival.

The report was circulated.

  1. Ross asked about the 2 separate accounts and where they were on the summary. Jan explained this and added that the accounts will be left as they are for the moment. There could be changes according to what happens with extra events in the  future. One of these accounts is for the Mainly Acoustic Club Night details. The second account is for other events such as The Uke Festival. We have applied for grants for these events. A separate account was necessary and it has worked well.
  2. Lambert proposed that the financial summary be accepted.

Seconded K. Meehan

The financial summary was accepted. [unanimous]

Election of Executive Officers

  1. Homer explained that all the present committee are happy to remain and therefore no extra nominations are required. However if anyone is keen to be involved we would be happy to take their details. We will notify them if a vacancy arises during this financial year.

Nominations for 2022/23

All the following have been nominated and have happily accepted.

President: Fiona Armstrong McIntosh

Vice President: Vince Cabrera

Treasurer: Jan Summers

Administrator: Sheryl Homer

All elected.

Election of Committee


Barry Carter

Bill Vella

Paul Lambert

Mike Baines

Diane Ross

Mary Khalil

All elected.

Membership Fee

  1. Khalil proposed that the membership fee remain the same.

Seconded L. Brown

Carried-unanimous. The membership fee will therefore remain at:


$25.00 couple

After our February meeting the fees will be reduced to $20.00 double and $10.00 single.

Special Business

The President thanked everyone for attending. F. Armstrong McIntosh the incoming President presented Mary Khalil with a gift from the committee in recognition of all her hard work and commitment during her 5 years in the role as president. The committee are all delighted that she is staying on the committee.

People were told that membership fees would be taken if people had the correct money.

M. Baines won the lucky draw for free membership.

The meeting closed at 8.00pm.