2019 Shows

April 9th, 2019 The Salty Hearts / Shenanigans

This month, we are having a first: a double header evening. We are presenting two artists that we feel were so good that they deserved equal time.


Shenanigans is one of New Zealand's hottest trios. Specializing in elegant live preformances, Shenanigans have been entertaining crowds for the last 20 years. Although based in Wellington, we perform regularly throughout the country; including Auckland, Christchurch, Masterton and Shannon.

Shenanigans plays the best dance music ever written from the 1930's to the present, which includes Irish Classics, Country, Rock-n-Roll, Ethnic, Group Participation, and much more. In addition, they keep their repertoire as cool as we can by constantly learning everyone's favourite songs.

This hardworking Wellington band spends a tremendous amount of time learning, reviewing, and ultimately perfecting the music required for each engagement. You will notice that Shenanigans performs every song with a Celtic fun twist.

The very talented trio of Justin, Jane, and Paul bring you some of the best live entertainment you're ever likely to see. Blending traditional Irish instrumentation with contemporary songs, this talented quartet brings something quite unique and very special to the New Zealand music scene.

 You may have watched them on TV ONE's Good morning show

. As well as reconstructing traditional Irish / Celtic tunes that have been around for generations, Shenanigans also enjoys taking well- known contemporary classics and 'Irishing' them up. This combination makes for a very entertaining experience.

Audiences are encouraged to get involved in the performance with plenty of crowd participation.

These four fine musicians blend the haunting sounds of fiddles Celtic whistles and mandolins with lush bass guitar backing, soaring vocals, and solid drumming to drag your guests onto the dance floor.

 Their musical careers span many moons and many countries. This amalgamation results in a feisty collection of songs to keep you entertained for hours on end.

The Salty Hearts

The Salty Hearts are Greg, Richard, Dave and Anje from the north end of the Kapiti Coast; they are a four-piece band playing a dynamic mix of interesting cover songs and a tasty selection of Greg’s originals. They are entertaining and upbeat.

‘Forgotten classics, interesting covers and delicious originals. Elements of electric folk, melodic pop, with a splash of convivial blues and alt-country.’

The band aim to entertain wherever they play and they certainly do that in a big way. With four voices dishing up some very tight harmony and guitar riffs made to look easy, they leave no doubt as to their musical and instrumental prowess. The Salty Hearts love to mix it up, playing anything from slightly off centre pop, electric folk, to some alt-country and beyond. Whatever they lend their hand to makes for good listening. Not a poor one in the pot.

Greg Sayer plays acoustic guitar, and mainly pens the original material for the Salty Hearts. His hearty songs dovetail beautifully with the covers the band has chosen, from their vast collective musical adventures.Dave Allen is the electric/acoustic guitar man. As part of Gravel Road, and other bands, he brings an awesome talent to the fore, showcasing his sublime touch on the guitar.

Richard Guerin has been a member of bands such as Groove Assembly and Rhythm Plant. He’s a music teacher, also the general groove guru who adds the ‘cream’.

Counting the beat, on percussion and hitting the high notes with remarkable ease is Anje Glindemann. Anje, adept at playing drums softly can often be seen performing alongside, Cindy Muggeridge and Neil Billington, Andrew London, The Raven Mavens Quartette... and more.

Together these well-rehearsed players are a feast for eyes and ears.