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Tuesday Sept. 8th 2015: Broken Lexicon + Supports

Broken Lexicon – Brook Davies & Alexy Medvedev Well, we’ve been waiting for this one to come round.

Their music has been described as Folk to Gypsy Jazz to Rock. But that’s much too simple. Think Amy Winehouse meets Tracy Chapman, accompanied by Tommy Emmanuel or Carlos Santana.

Arguably one of the most accomplished guitarists in New Zealand, Alexey Medvedev is a joy to watch, and behold.

Having trained in the top academies of Russia, he has performed, composed and recorded extensively throughout his musical career. Alexey guested at our club several years ago while touring the country and proved to be charming, exciting and a pure delight. What a boon to have him now living in Upper Hutt.

A bit of history – some years ago while in Russia, Alexey, had the honour of performing at Brezhnev’s birthday bash. He was paid and rewarded with a decent slab of birthday cake. NZ customs not wishing to offend our communist cousins gave a discreet nod and Alexey brought the cake into the country. 

Generous to a fault, Alexey has donated the very last of this venerable fruit & liquor laden cake to the club, to be distributed to all in the Mayfair on the night. So if you’re coming to the show, have your usual pie & chips for tea but leave a little space and save the rice pud for another day.

Brook Davies a ‘local gal’ is a singer with a big powerful voice that’ll make you sit up in your seat. A songwriter too, she’s performed her songs and other compositions on stage from an early age. Together they are a force to be reckoned with. On their recent South Island tour, they performed and earned a stack of favourable reviews. Enough to satisfy and be proud of.

Suffice it to say that we are oh so pleased and excited to have Brook & Alexey as Broken Lexicon performing at the club on Tues Sept 8th. And oh yes, the rafters will be lifted in the Mayfair on the night.

First half performers – Gavin Harrison, Vince Cabrera, Barry & Marian Carter, Wilson Murdoch & Kevin Meehan