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Mark Laurent and Brenda Liddiard

It’s been ohhhh sooo long since Mark Laurent & Brenda Liddiard played at the club. A right royal saga it’s been, stretching years. When we had a date for them, they’d be busy recording or touring overseas, when they were available to come down from Auckland, we were booked up solid with other great acts. But this time we’re on song, and quite rightly chuffed, gladdened and excited to have finally got these two lovely people back on our stage cos their songs and their performance is something very special. Like no-one else.

When they play, they warm your heart and soul. Head and toes too. To think that they both play so well without attending even one of my guitar classes all those years ago is just astonishing. And sing! They are a joy to experience.

So come along and step into their world for a spell, and be enriched by their insightful musical renderings, their love & respect for nature and nurture and life, with wappings (I’m sure it’s a word) and lashings of humour to boot. Yes they bring a smile to the dile with ease, and room to laugh out loud too at some of their collective experiences and ideas. Looking for a mega-tonic to get you jumping for the joy of living, perhaps like a spring lamb, this is the show for you.

For more than 25 years Mark and Brenda have been playing music together, touring New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Together or separately they have recorded or contributed to around 30 albums, written hundreds of songs and instrumentals (some of which have been covered by other artists or used in movie soundtracks), with a range of styles including blues, reggae, acoustic rock, ambient, folk ballads and alt. country. Instruments include guitars, mandolin, ukulele, rowan lute and vocals.

Opening the show are Kevin Meehan, Bill ‘lips’ Wallace John Sutherland, Helen Dorothy