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Dan Walsh

Irresistible – This Thursday from 7.30 we present the scintillating skills and artistry of touring musician Dan Walsh at the Mayfair Café.

Touted as one of the finest banjo players in the UK as well as a superb singer, songwriter and guitarist. Dan Walsh is described simply as “The real deal” by UNCUT reviewer’s w/site. 

With three critically acclaimed solo albums, his latest ‘Incidents and Accidents’ lauded as “Absolutely terrific” by Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 2. Having made his name with duo Walsh and Pound and now a member of the award winning Urban Folk Quartet, this unique and eclectic musician has mesmerised, astonished and astounded audiences across the world. As well as a score of sell-out shows and much success on his tours of USA, Canada, Germany, India and Norway.

A cracking good show from one of the greats in the business, be prepared for something quite special.