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Tuesday Mar 14th 2023: SHAN + Supports

At our last Grab A Spot, we were quite blown away by SHAN is a newly formed duo so quirky, clever and in tune that you’ll want to keep watching and listening. Their music is a wonderful mix of original singer/songwriting with an energetic guitar and electronic backbone. If you like Kate Bush Bic Runga or Sia, SHAN provides vocal melodies that have the power to emulate both, soaring to the highs and braving the lows. Within each song, you’ll hear meaningful lyrics blossom  from real life experiences and changing landscapes of sound.

Shan Jordan

Shan was ‘very vocal’ as a baby according to her Plunket nurse. However, her real musical beginnings started on the piano at age 7 composing little original melodies. She also loved hearing her mum Katy play Fur Elise in the evenings. From there she started lessons, completed piano grades and graduated with a music degree.

Alongside songwriting, composing and singing, she teaches the piano privately and shares jokes that sometimes fall flat, however she still laughs. Alongside SHAN, she writes songs and plays the piano for The Julie Lamb Outfit whose latest album “How Humans Think” went to the top 10 on the NZ music charts in 2020. Three of the popular songs written by Shan on this album are: Born with the Blues, Let Go and This Time I Won.

Giacomo Caleffi

Giacomo’s journey in music started at age 15 when a friend in Italy pointed out that the riff to Smoke on the Water he was playing on a
$50 classical guitar would have sounded less terrible on an electric guitar.

Since then Giacomo has purchased many electric guitars and a range of instruments and used them to play in over a dozen bands in Italy, London and NZ. He studied guitar at the Institute of Contemporary Performance in London and took papers in composition at Vic Uni in
Wellington. He is currently the drummer with the Award-winning Julie Lamb Outfit. In SHAN, Giacomo provides string vibrations and reality anchorations.


Support acts will be...

Nick Potts

Nick Potts has been a touring musician for the last 10+ years, touring with many different bands as a drummer.
During the covid lockdown he decided to change his direction and gave up the sticks for strings.
His unique way of playing the guitar includes playing a right handed guitar upside down since he is left handed

Murray Kilpatrick & Roy Mcguinness

Murray and Roy. Two stalwarts of the Wellington folk scene. Appearing together for St. Patrick's and making music that's greater than the sum of their parts.

You'll probably know Murray, of course. He has performed for us many times since the Club began, as a solo performer, as part of Sage, as part of Blakewater Blues, as part of so many groups that have delighted us over the years.

Roy, singer and bon vivant, definitely knows his way around a stirring folk song. You may have met him at the Plimmerton open mic which he runs or at the Wellington Irish Sessions. He is one the great characters of the Wellington folk scene.

Together (plus an accordion) they will bring us a choice selection of balladry and Irish songs

Wilson Murdoch

Soft-spoken and with a gently self-deprecating sense of humour, Wilson Murdoch is one of Ireland's better exports. And, unlike Guinness, there is no risk of a hangover the next day.

Wilson has had a long association with Mainly Acoustic, as a committee member and as an editor of this website. If you're one of our regulars, you've probably seen him before. He sings some wonderful songs, singalong crowd favourites in a relaxed, easy manner with a good dollop of humour and the occasional funny story. An excellent addition to any Club Night.

Wilson Murdoch singing at Mainly Acoustic Music Club