Meetings and AGMs

Minutes of the Upper Hutt Mainly Acoustic Club Annual General Meeting 2020

Date: 27th July 2020
Venue: The Cossie Club. Upper Hutt.
Time: 7.30 pm

S Homer, L Homer, M Khalil, D Nabbs,V Cabrera, B Carter, S Meehan, K Meehan, F. McIntosh, G. McIntosh, P Lambert, G Brown, L Brown, P Gibbons, D Ross, R Ross, J Summers, G Summers, T Thorpe.

The President, Mary Khalil, welcomed everybody.

W Murdoch, J Murdoch, L Wilkinson, B Vella.

Moved: M Khalil
Seconded: J Summers

Minutes of the AGM 2019

These were read by the Administrator.

Moved: P Lambert
Seconded: V Cabrera

Matters Arising

G Brown reported that we had bought a light.
V Cabrera reported that we decided that we didn't need a new desk.
We did donate the money from Come all Ye to The Child Cancer Foundation.

Presidents Report

Mary Khalil read her report.
Sheryl Homer thanked Mary for doing a fabulous job.

Moved: K Meehan
Seconded: G Brown

Treasurer's Report

Linda Brown presented a summary of the clubs finances.
Sheryl Homer thanked her for all her hard work.
This was circulated.

The cheque book balance at 30.06.20 is $6,003.14

Ross questioned the total which was explained by Linda.

Moved: T Thorpe
Seconded: B Carter

Election of Executive Officers

Nominations for 2020/21

President Mary Khalil

Vice President Fiona McIntosh

Treasurer Jan summers

Administrator Sheryl Homer

All elected unopposed.

Election of Committee


Barry Carter

Paul Lambert

Diane Ross

Vince Cabrera

Bill Vella [election form still to be written and signed]

All elected.

This leaves 1 vacancy which we hope to fill soon.

Membership Fee

M Khalil proposed that the membership fee remain the same.

Seconded: G Brown

The membership fee will therefore remain at:

$25.00 couple

After our February meeting the fees will be reduced to $20.00 double and $10.00 single.

General Business

  • Paul Lambert explained that we have put in an application to the UHCC for funding to hold a ukulele convention on Sunday 20th February 2021. We were granted $2500.00 which is half of what we requested.
  • There will be a Sam Hunt documentary shown on Poetry Day--29th August.7.30 at The Cossie Club.
  • Our next meeting was advertised.
  • G Summers won the draw for free membership.

The President thanked everyone for attending.

The meeting closed at 8.20 pm.