Newsletters and Reports

President’s Report, 2019

The last 12 months have been a most rewarding and satisfying time for the club, with good audience attendance and varied performances from both national and international musicians.

Requests to perform at Mainly Acoustic are many and at times we have been unable to accommodate all. We feel most privileged to be in that position and hope that by providing a Come all Ye/Blackboard concert twice a year, opportunities are given to local musicians who may have missed out during the year.

The Come All Ye evening in December raised $266.30 for Women’s Refuge and a letter of thanks and acceptance was received.

Thank you to all that donated so generously.

The club played a significant role in Upper Hutt’s City of Song event this year. This was held at Harcourt Park in February and Mainly Acoustic provided 7 performances.

Thank you to all who gave their time for this and a big shout out to Barry who managed the brilliant sound system on the day.

There was a further performance provided by MA at the Brain Injury Unit in Keneperu earlier in the year.

This is always received well though further performances are on hold due to rebuilding and refurbishing of the units there.

The Mayfair Cafe continues to support MA providing a warm and relaxing environment for us at a reasonable fee. Our thanks to Kaushal and his staff.

I would like to acknowledge each one of the committee members all of whom do a stellar job in managing – the finances, the administrative tasks, the newsletter, the website and Facebook, fielding enquiries, managing contact with performers, designing posters,, comparing, marketing, managing the PA system and hosting our committee meetings, all of which collectively are responsible for the club’s success. I thank you.

Mary Khalil