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President’s Patter, November 2020

Greetings one and all as we enter that pre Christmas month that you may or may not prefer to be reminded about.

Seriously! Where has this year gone?

Remember how lockdown seemed to drag on and on forever then we ask 'what happened to July, August and September???

And here we are on our second to last club night for 2020.

And how about last month?

The Maven Ravens! Always a treat and what wonderful sounds and songs they presented for us. And such a fun loving group.

The support acts too were outstanding and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Great reports coming in about Wellyfest which sadly I was unable to attend.

So much amazing homegrown talent proving border closure did not dint the success of this great annual event.

Next month we are planning an open mic evening so if you are keen advise one of the committee or make sure you arrive early to get your name on the board.

Still contemplating a theme. Some suggestions to date - a 60s/70s, Bob Dylan......which may require limiting your spot to 1 song only, particularly if your choice is Desolation Row or Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands (???)  Will confirm the theme soon.

Looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday November 10