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Tuesday September 12th, 2023: Pops & The Tempests + Supports

Pip Payne first shared a stage with The Tempests (Lynley Christoffersen and Jade Eru) for his gospel blues project - Capital Gospel Show.  He had heard of their skills for vocals, especially for Bv's and wasn't disappointed.

Back to the present: these two wonderful singers are releasing an EP and so is Pip, so what a great opportunity to share these singer songwriter tunes unplugged, up close, and personal. 

Pip is looking forward to sharing a bit of background about how his tunes came about - plus throw in some gospel blues with three part harmony, and you have yourself a really great evening right there!

Greta O'Leary

Greta O'Leary's music is best defined as alternative/indie folk, she sings originals with one or two folkish covers in there. She's inspired by lots of New Zealand gems like Nadia Reid, Mel Parsons and Reb Fountain. Her songs are ethereal, sometimes funny, melancholic and spacious. She released and toured an EP late last year and is slowly working towards my debut album.


and playing guitar

Kevin Meehan

Kevin was Mainly Acoustic's president and main driving force for many yeas.

He always presents sets that are full of gentle humour and great, singalong tunes that you will know and love.

His performances are always a little bit special and we look forward to hearing him again.

Kevin Meehan singing and playing an acoustic guitar


Downundermutts feature originals and vintage country.

Their name is a play on the Downunderdogs who you may have seen on our stage a few times over the past few years.

For many years, Peter and Cathy Dyer have listened to, loved, written, played, and sung Americana: the beautiful, powerful and moving music that comes straight from the heart of their native land, the USA. Caution--there could be yodelling!  



downundermutts man and woman dressd in cowboy shirts. They hold a double bass and a vintage acoustic guitar