2023 Shows

Tuesday August 8th, 2023: Open Mic Night

And now, it’s your turn!

We are having our bi-annual Open Mic concert. It’s been called a number of things over the years… Many years ago it was a “Come All Ye” concert (spot the Folk Rock reference for extra brownie points!)  Recently it’s been called a Grab-A-Spot. It’s probably been a Blackboard Concert. But no matter what we call it, it’s the Mainly Acoustic Open Mic.

It’ll be the usual deal, 10 minute spots which will probably let you perform three average length songs. You can do pretty much anything you want (song, poetry, comedy, acting…) but if you want to bring in the entire Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra it might take a little time to set up and that would inconvenience the other performers.

The main difference in our format is that we get a lot of people and so we’re much, much happier if you book ahead. That’s why it used to be called a Grab-A-Spot concert. You can contact us via Facebook or through this very website.

See you there!

And here are some images of the evening