Wonderful Wahine

Wonderful Wahine is comprised of four wonderful women from three wonderful groups, all of whom have performed at Mainly Acoustic on several occasions. Cindy Muggeridge and Marian Carter [The Raven Mavens], Kate Marshall [Bob & Kate], and Anje Glindemann [Salty Hearts].

With such a diversity of talent you can expect a variety of styles, mixing songs from legendary Divas such as Bessie Smith and Nina Simone with world-class originals. The mood will swing from sensitive to burlesque with a bit of story telling and hilarity on the side. A combination of soulful lead vocals & 4-part harmony; ‘blues clarinet’, accordion, flute, and violin textures; rockin’ boogie piano; and a solid ‘4-on-the-floor’ drum beat - we’ll have to clear the tables and bring out the dance floor.

There is both a beautiful story and song behind Wonderful Wahine, so come along to the Mayfair Café on the 13th of February and find out about them.