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8th December 2020: Christmas Open Mic Night (themed)

Our annual "Come All Ye" concert, soon to be renamed "Grab A Spot" because it has always been so popular. Rather than risk disappointing prospective performers for simply turning up late, we felt it was fairer to ask everyone (as much as possible) to grab their spot ahead of the night. There are still a couple of spots left but we will leave those to die-hards who turn up unannounced on the night. 

Get in touch or just drop in and come play a couple of songs (risky, there may not be any spots left). Or hey, just come over and listen, talented performers are never in short supply at these evenings.

Last time we held an open mic night (soon to be renamed "Grab A Spot" concert!) it was Beatles themed and everyone had a great time. This time round, we are asking for a 1960s/1970s theme. Possibly a Rolling Stones' song (to balance out the Beatles). Or, seeing the time of year, a Christmas song will do.

PA provided, but bring your own instruments, lyric sheets and whatever else you will need.

Gold coin entry, and all proceeds will go to Child Cancer.